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Fees and Charges
A non-refundable administrative charge for a Custom Mission Trip is due with the submission of this application. A per-person fee is charged based on the group size with 1/2 that amount due 90 days out and the other 1/2 due two weeks from the start-date of the trip. These three payments are for planning services provided by Student Matters. All monies are non-refundable once paid. Payments are to be made to Student Matters, LLC and mailed to 3443 E, Glenhaven Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85048.

Charges and fees are applied at the following rates:
total people admin charge per-person fee

total people admin charge per-person fee
1-25 $850 $35
26-50 $975 $35
51-75 $1,175 $35
76-100 $1,375 $35
101-125 $1,625 $30
126-150 $1,850 $30
151-175 $2,075 $30

• An extra charge at the following rates will apply to all trips with abbreviated planning time:
LESS THAN 90 DAYS: 1-75 ($500); 76-150 ($750); 151+ ($1250) LESS THAN 60 DAYS: 1-75 ($750); 76-150 ($1000); 151+ ($1500)
The start date for trip planning is set by the day we receive your application, NOT the application date or postmark.
• The charge for planning a pre-trip is 1-75 ($225); 76-150 ($350); 151+ ($450).
• Detailed directions (see example online) will be billed at the following rates: 1-75 ($300) 76+ ($500)
Housing, meals, free time activities, etc. are paid for by the church directly to the provider of those services even though Student Matters takes care of all planning details related to these items. Please contact our office within 2-3 weeks of sending your application, so that we can together come up with a workable budget and cost estimate for your students.




Complete Mailing Address:





Group Total Size:

Adults breakdown:

Students breakdown:

Age Range of Students:

Middle School age breakdown:

High School age breakdown:

College age breakdown:

Where do you feel God leading you? (explain CIty, State, general area):

Around what dates would you like to plan your trip?

Is your trip a mission only, choir tour, or a mixture of both?

What is the date of your first parents' meeting, leadership meeting, etc?

What local mission/ministry work have your students been involved with in the last two years?

How effective and comfortable are your students in witnessing and sharing their faith?

What evangelism methods have your students used before? (i.e. prayer, confrontational, tracks, testimony, relational, etc.)

How effective and comfortable are your students ministering in new environments? How far does their comfort zone go?

How are your church and pastor supportive of your students’ involvement in missions, evangelism and urban ministry?

What is your past experience with missions/ministry in urban areas?

What is the past experience of your adult chaperones with missions/ministry in urban areas?

Describe the average student who will participate in this trip: family background/parents, socio-economic level, spiritual maturity, cultural background, exposure to other urban cultures, etc.

Explain location, date, and type work for the last three mission trips in which this group participated.

All trips are custom, so trip costs are based on your budget and preferences for that particular trip. See pricing above for separate charges related to Student Matters’ services. To better help us plan and estimate costs, please answer the following questions in regard to your group and planned trip.

What has your church budgeted for the trip?

for transportation?

What do you plan to charge students for this trip?

for adults?

What are your desires in regard to the following: Housing (dorm, hotel, etc.)

Charge per night per person:

— OR — Charge per night per room for four:

Meals/Food (What to spend? Type food? How much do you want us to plan?)

Are you interested in bag lunches and other cost-saving food options?

Do you want one ”nice” meal?

...Spending how much?

Freetime ops (Give specifics)

Money spent on freetime ops

Ministry opportunities (List any activity you definitely want)

Please check the following areas of ministry interest for your trip:

Homeless Shelter

Childrens Ministry

Cross Cultural Ministry

Language Ministry

Rescue Mission

Urban Youth Ministry

Confrontational Witnessing

Vacation Bible School

Street Witnessing

Backyard Bible Club

Prison Ministry

Prayer Walking

Worship Events

Cleanup Project

Block Parties

Nursing Homes

Public Venue/Tourists events

Food Banks

Church Plants

Aids Hospice


Please list any type performance your group has to offer (i.e. band, choir, drama, testimony, dance, etc.)

For each performance area listed, give a level of proficiency on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best. Please include a short explanation of past experience in this performance area and indicate what size crowd your group would be comfortable performing for on a mission trip.

The ability to lead a simple chapel service can be crucial to sharing in ministry at many urban sites. These are usually low-key and low-pressure situations but still a vital part of ministry. Are your students able to lead/offer any of the following at such a service (Praise and Worship, with guitar, piano, tracked music, Testimonies, Devotionals, Vocal Solos, Drama Sketches, etc.):


1. The number listed on the application under group size is considered a guaranteed minimum and the church will be responsible for per-person payments for at least that number of people.
2. Guaranteed minimums cannot be adjusted down once submitted. Please notify our office of additional people when you have a final number. Any additions made after the final payment will be invoiced at the applicable per-person rate.
3. All charges and fees are non-refundable once paid.
4. Planning will begin only when the application and administrative charge have been received.
5. Final instructions and trip information will only be sent upon receipt of final payment due two weeks out from the start-date of the trip. You will receive one invoice for all three payments at the time the final one is due.
6. Unusual requests and needs that fall outside the normal mission trip planning process will be considered on an individual basis and may result in additional charges.

For the above fees and charges, Student Matters will plan and coordinate all aspects of your trip that occur within your city of choice, including details related to: housing, meals, in-city transportation, directions, free time activities and ministry events and activities. Student Matters will arrange for the details of your trip but will not enter into a contractual relationship with any vendor or service you use related to the trip. Each church must individually make payments (i.e.—hotel, travel agent, entertainment venue) as necessary for all services and financial obligations related to the trip. Student Matters feels comfortable in using specific ministry sites and organizations but cannot guarantee the outcome of your experience. Student Matters recommends ongoing involvement by the pastor/leader in the process of planning and implementing the trip. No monies will be refunded because of cancellation of the trip or any planned activities due to your choice, acts of nature or the decision of any ministry site.

Deadlines in regard to ministry events must be met for Student Matters to plan the best possible mission experience. Our desire is to be professional in all dealings with clients, ministry venues and service providers; so the same is expected of churches. This will enable all of us to be a good witness in dealings with the secular community.

Our services are custom and our intention is to create the right trip for you, but your expectations of us in terms of time needs to be kept in perspective. We want to be readily available but phone conferences of any length need to be scheduled in advance.

Contractual Relationship
Any church choosing the services of Student Matters enters into a contractual relationship bound by the electronic signature and submission of the application. Churches are expected to honor their financial commitments in a timely manner. In addition, it is understood that Student Matters is the sole planning agent for this trip throughout your time in the city of your choice. Student Matters takes responsibility for planning your trip from the time of your arrival in the city until your departure. Custom means pastors/leaders must be actively involved but with multiple groups in the same cities on the same weeks, Student Matters must ultimately be the coordinating force behind all trips.

Ministry Commitment
Student Matters strives to maintain the highest level of integrity in its ministry efforts, and in return, expects the same from groups for whom it plans custom mission trips. Each group that goes out represents the ministry of the Gospel as well as Student Matters and impacts reputation and working relationships on the mission field. All commitments to ministry events and activities are to be taken seriously and given highest priority both in preparation and actual implementation. If a pastor/leader chooses to go on a pre-trip, all appointments must be honored. Student Matters’ future relationship with individual ministries depends on the performance and integrity of groups in the field.

Cultural Relevance
Student Matters makes it a priority to plan ministry that will be culturally relevant at each particular ministry site. This means that there will be a fine balance between a group "doing" what it's always done on mission trips and "doing" what will meet people at their point of need in a way they can understand and respond. Each city and ministry site within it is unique, and the goal is to impact people at that location. It's not a matter of meeting in the middle but rather going the distance on the part of a mission
team to make the Gospel and ministry accessible within that setting. This means sometimes learning new skills and methods of ministry although Student Matters does all it can to utilize skills, abilities and programs that a group already has to offer.

Student Matters takes no legal responsibility for any aspect of this trip, persons participating or ministries used. As a representative of the church it is your responsibility to share all terms and conditions with the appropriate person(s), Senior Pastor and Business Administration, within the church body. Your electronic signature below confirms all parties have been informed of these terms and conditions and have agreed to release Student Matters from any liability related to this trip, persons participating or ministries used. Photos or video images sent to Student Matters are done so with full permission to be used by Student Matters either in promotional materials or on the Student Matters website.

To agree to the above Terms and Conditions and verify that all information you have entered is correct, initial in the following box:

Print a copy of the Pricing and Terms and Conditions


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